Images are printed on canvas which provides an impressive visual appearance to the artwork.

All image canvas prints are limited editions. Each image will be printed in a limited number, up to 5 prints per image per size.

Print sizes: all images in 16” x 24” and several images also in 24” x 36” sizes

All printed canvas image editions are registered to ensure the continuous numbering.

The artist and the printing company jointly guarantee that exclusively authentic and numbered prints are produced. Therefore each print is accompanied by an original certificate.

Each canvas prints carries the artist’s logo.

Canvas material: Smooth fine art Canvas. The matt coated inkjet canvas distinguishes itself by a uniform and even texture with very deep black and vibrant colors.

Canvas prints are placed in extra strong cardboard tube. Prints can be easily stretched and framed.

! New ! : You can own a unique NFT from Gabormood.


Canvas Print

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Canvas Print